Dairy free white chocolate spread

Ever since I stopped eating dairy products I kept craving white chocolate. I didn’t know I could make it myself until I found out about cocoa butter. This is an amazing ingredient and it’s basically the main ingredient in regular chocolate, it’s what makes chocolate taste the way it does. Cocoa butter is basically made from cocoa beans, so it’s a natural butter, no additives or other weird ingredients.

My goal was to make actual white chocolate, but I kinda wanted something a could dip fruit in or spread on crepes.

And actually I did fail a bit when I was making it because for some strange reason I decided to add a couple tbsp of almond milk and that ruined my almond butter, it stopped the almonds to release their oil basically so my butter turned out really thick.. I manage to fix it in the end by diluting the butter with a bit of vegetable oil and at this point I had to add more almond milk to make it smoother.

Well, at least the taste was amazing and unexpected. Pair this spread with strawberries or raspberries and you’ll see what I mean!




200 g white almond butter

60 g cocoa butter

1/2 cup honey or more if you want it sweeter

2 tsp vanilla extract


Start by melting the cocoa butter. I melted it in the microwave. When the cocoa butter is melted add it in a blender with the almond butter, vanilla extract and honey. Blend everything together until you obtain a smooth texture.

Your white chocolate spread is ready, you can store it in a jar, not in the fridge though because it will harden too much.

  • If you can’t find white almond butter, most stores sell only the regular brownish one, you can make it yourself. Add about 250 g blanched almonds in a high speed blender , make sure their brown skin has been peeled (you can use slivered almonds too) and blend them until the almonds release their oil and transform into a thick butter texture. If you need a little help you can had a couple of vegetable oil, it will speed up the process. Just keep in mind that yoy’ll have to blend them for about 10-15 minutes.